Nature's Case For Democracy

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Since when did her dreams include invisible hosts? ‘Sara Wallace, come on down! Make your choice! Door Number one: Humans are a logical extension of other life forms! Door Number two: Humans are freaks! Door Number three: Humans are their own worst enemy!’ No, not a dream. This was a nightmare. So, why can’t she wake up? 

Sara has fallen into a coma. Her doctors are flummoxed. Her family is devastated. But Sara? She finds herself immersed in mysterious conversation with an invisible being who’s clearly not from around here. Dina has a voice like a whisper and mangles every single English maxim without fail. But Dina is serious when it comes to delivering a message. 

Humans are on the edge of extinction, Dina stated in no uncertain terms. It is such an emergency that Dina’s clan has decided to intervene. And they picked Sara to be the messenger to the world. She should be flattered, but. . . seriously? They chose her, not because she is brilliant or accomplished or savvy, but because she has an overactive bullshit meter. So, Sara’s tendency to not believe anyone has put her in a position where people must believe her or face extinction? Great. What could go wrong?

Follow Sara as she and Dina explore how creatures of the natural world have created an organic and enduring democracy. Sara learns how humans have unwittingly misused the tools nature has provided. Discover how humans can use nature’s accumulated experience to better organize societies. And see why democracy is, and always has been, the necessary foundation of survival.